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1. Someone tell me how to take off the protection on iTunes purchased songs. Then I can post the other half of my playlist.
2. 2 to 3 requests at a time. Please.
3. Gimme time to upload them. My computer hates me sometimes most of the time.
4. If there's an expired link you need me to reupload, tell me.
Maxwell Demon

Bush Backs Federal Marriage Amendment

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All Americans should be treated with TOLERANCE. Well, banning same-sex marriage isn't exactly tolerating people in our society. More like smashing them into the dirt because you think they're shit that's beneath you. What's wrong with same-sex marriage? Okay, maybe you're against it.

Maybe it bothers you. But, that's your problem.

Maybe marriage is defined as the union of a man and a woman. Definitions change. The constitution defines the USA. That changed.

Maybe it's against your religion. So? Not everyone follows your religion.

The United States is about being free, not discriminating against others because of their beliefs. That's why people came here in the first place. If it keeps digging itself deeper into the hole that it's in, the lack of the aforementioned is going to be the reason people leave it, as well.

George W. Bush pisses me off.